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How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Veterinary Practice

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As a veterinarian, you spend most of your time taking care of animals that need your help. It’s a rewarding career, and you probably don’t think of yourself as a marketer or even a business professional.

If you own your practice, though, you wear more hats than just veterinary medicine. You’re the chief business strategist and marketer as well. It can certainly feel overwhelming, but there’s good news — your customers can do some of the work for you.

By leaving favorable online reviews, your existing customers promote your practice and help you attract new clients. How do you get more online reviews for your veterinary marketing? Here are the tips you need.

Make Sure You Claim Your Google Business Listing

Google is a great place to centralize your reviews. Before you start thinking about how to get more Google reviews, though, it’s important to claim your business on Google My Business.

Claiming your information does more than give you an online listing. It helps you start building your online reputation with Google, clients, and prospects. Your business listing has a positive impact on veterinary SEO as well as reviews.

You’ll want to completely fill in your information, from the clinic name to your hours and contact information. If you can, include photos and a detailed description. If you also use veterinary social media marketing, make sure your contact information matches your Google profile.

Once you’ve claimed your clinic’s Google profile, you’re ready to start collecting reviews and improving your veterinary digital marketing.

Ask Your Customers For a Review After Each Appointment

Often getting a positive review is as simple as asking for it! You can’t expect clients to read your mind, so come out and ask for reviews.

You can have a flier that is handed to patient families at checkout that says something like, “Your happiness means the world to us. Visit us on Google to leave a review!” If you want, spice it up with some animal-related humor as well. 

An email list is another great way to connect with your patients throughout the year. If you haven’t created one yet, start asking for customer email addresses along with other contact information. Email marketing for veterinary clinics helps you keep your furry patients’ families engaged with your practice and gives you a chance to ask for reviews.

Ensure your email or flier includes your Google business website link, so it’s easy for customers to leave their thoughts.

Offer an Incentive for Leaving Reviews

There’s nothing wrong with sweetening the pot and offering an incentive for leaving a review. Of course, you should follow the rules — you can’t pay for positive reviews. However, it’s fine to have an incentive for any honest feedback.

You can offer a raffle each month for anyone who leaves a review during that month. Or, you can have a small treat you give each time someone shares feedback on your Google page.

You can announce these incentives online, in your mailings, and through email. Don’t overlook having signs in your clinic waiting room as well. The more you mention the fun treats people can get, the more likely they will leave a review.

Ask for Creative Reviews

Typing out a written review is certainly the easiest and most common way to leave feedback. However, you may have clients that are especially excited about your clinic and willing to go the extra mile.

These brand ambassadors can make a huge difference for your business as they share their enthusiasm for your work. Encourage them to be creative in how they leave reviews. You can do a video review contest, for instance, or ask for people to send in photos.

You can use these testimonials on your website as well as posting them on your Google business page. Creative reviews capture people’s attention and provide an extra punch to the feedback. You’ll be surprised how many additional patients you can get this way!

Know How to Deal with Negative Reviews

Every veterinarian has been bitten by a puppy, scratched by a cat, or pecked by a feisty bird. It’s part of the job, and sometimes your patients’ owners have a little bite or scratch to give as well. 

Getting negative reviews is inevitable, but you can deal with them professionally. Knowing how to do so is an essential part of reputation management for veterinary clinics.

The best approach is to leave a reply to the negative review. You can apologize that the customer feels poorly about their experience and offer to talk to them on email or the phone about their specific concerns.

Doing this shows that you care about a poor experience and is a professional way to take the conflict offline. While you may not win back that customer, being civil and restrained while expressing concern will win you many new clients.

No one expects 100% positive reviews for a business. In fact, companies who have only five-star reviews can attract suspicion. The goal is to respectfully and kindly show concern and offer to resolve the issue offline.

Use Social Media to Encourage Reviews

If you have a social media page with a good audience, you can also use that platform to encourage reviews. You can get reviews directly on Facebook, or you can direct people to leave reviews on your Google page.

Ideally, internet marketing for veterinary hospitals includes various strategies, and social media is high on the list. Millions of people use social media every day, and many people ask for recommendations for animal care from friends and family.

An active veterinary social media presence allows you to share pictures of adorable animals, and who doesn’t love that? You’ll draw people in, and they’ll look at the reviews you’ve collected. 

Social media is another great place to ask frequently for honest feedback from your clients. The reviews boost your credibility, and you might even find out about a blind spot in your approach to service.

Use Reviews to Boost Your Clinic

Online reviews are an essential part of marketing for veterinary clinics. If you’ve struggled to get enough reviews, these tips can make a big difference.

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