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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Upgrade Your Veterinary Website

veterinary website design

Whether you’ve just started your practice or it’s been a while since you took a look at your marketing, it’s never been more important to invest in affordable veterinary website design.

Your Website is the First Impression

Research shows that over 75% of people base their view of a business’ credibility from their website. While you might not think that the website you paid for in 2015 needs updating past staff changes and practice information, think again.

Audiences today are increasingly looking for modern, sleek, and professional websites. Whether they think this consciously or not, a website is a good indication of how much a professional is willing to keep up with the times.

After all, veterinary medicine is changing all the time, and your patients want to know that you’re keeping up with all the newest developments, like mobile-responsive design and online interactions with veterinary staff.

If your website doesn’t reflect that, then you’re likely to be putting off more customers than you realize.

Your Clients are Worried About COVID-19 and Pet Healthcare

Your website not only needs to look good, but it has to have all the information clients need to keep their pets healthy during this pandemic. They’re going to be worried about how their pets can get healthcare in an emergency, how to keep up with regular vaccinations and checkups, etc.

Your website is the first place they’re going to check for information, which is why you need to ensure it has all the information they need. This will prevent unnecessary and repeated calls to your reception desk, and clients will appreciate and respect the thoughtfulness.

Websites for veterinary hospitals also can serve as a triage point to reduce your workload. Through a blog or information center on your website, you can share information about common pet symptoms and what to do about them, how to perform pet first aid, and what conditions can be treated at home. You can also have FAQ sections or “quiz” sections that allow a client to input their pet’s symptoms, and have the website provides information about what to do.

Information like this can help ease your clients’ worry during COVID-19, prevent unnecessary trips to your practice, and free up your time for treating pets that desperately need your attention.

Be Prepared for Post-Pandemic Life

You might be rushed off your feet now, but it won’t always be this way. That presents a great opportunity to reinvent your brand as a veterinary hospital. You want your practice to be seen as humane, caring, and loving, and promoting everything you’ve done to help during the pandemic can be a great marketing tool.

Investing in affordable veterinary website design can lead to you going back to normal life with a modern, sophisticated website that demonstrates how much you care about their pets. Features such as information sections, medicine request forms, and even telemedicine appointment booking can help build your revenue streams ready for when we emerge into post-pandemic life.

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