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Should Your Veterinary Website have a Blog?

Your veterinary practice’s website will not be complete without a blog. But do you know which topics relating to veterinary care you should cover? A blog’s main functions are educational and informative, but it also needs to address queries people type into search engines. Choosing the proper subject for your veterinary blog can boost your […]

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Veterinarians should be aware of changes to Facebook’s news feed.

In July, META (parent company of Facebook) announced a major change to Facebook’s news feed: it has been divided into two parts! The Home tab offers items recommended to users based on their activities on the app, while the Feeds tab displays content from people, pages, and groups that the user is following. The goal […]

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How to use Social Media as your Competitive Advantage

Social media can be a fantastic platform for promoting your brand. It may even be an effective tool for developing your personal brand. Social media is utilized by 78 percent of adults, making it an excellent platform to connect with others. Although cute animal videos and funny memes attract a lot of attention on social […]

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Upselling your veterinary customers and increasing your profit margins.

Are you a veterinarian working in an animal hospital? First of all, congratulations! You are one of the few people who can spend their time with animals and make good money at it. Many veterinarians become frantic when they learn that the majority of their patients skip out on additional services. If this is happening, […]

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How To Compete as an Independent Animal Hospital in a Veterinary Conglomerate World of MARS

These days there is an increasing amount of smaller independent animal hospitals and veterinary clinics being acquired by large private equity-funded corporations, with VCA/MARS being one of the largest players. This article addresses ways the smaller veterinary practices can maintain their independence while competing aggressively against the corporate conglomerates.

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Veterinary Website Design

Today’s modern veterinary websites are designed to provide website visitors with immediate access to veterinary services and information that they need. Veterinary clinic websites are more than just an online brochure. Your website should do much more than tell potential clients about your practice, it should provide them with what they need to know in […]

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Say “No” to Proprietary Website Content Management Systems

“This is the oldest trick in the book. Provide an animal hospital with a brand new shiny website that can only operate on the agency’s proprietary content management system,” said DJ Vallauri Founder and CEO of the VET Marketing Agency. “Should your relationship go awry or you just simply decide to work with another agency in the future, you will not be able to operate your website as it won’t operate without the proprietary CMS.”

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2021 Veterinary Job Satisfaction Survey Results

A recent veterinary job satisfaction survey, conducted by the Veterinary Hospitals Managers Association (VHMA) surfaced some key insights we wanted to share with you here. When asked, “How satisfied are you with your current work hours?” 238 survey respondents answered: 13% extremely satisfied 38% very satisfied 32% moderately satisfied 10% slightly satisfied 7% not at […]

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Effective Strategies for Differentiating your Animal Hospital.

Do you need help in marketing your veterinary hospital? Veterinary businesses are often small, independent companies that lack the large budgets necessary for extensive marketing. While there are strategic ways to market an animal clinic without spending a lot of money, it’s important to choose the right options for your practice. First Check-up is Free […]

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Why does your veterinary website need to be designed with a mobile-first approach?

Now that mobile internet users have surpassed desktop users it’s critical for your veterinary practice to enable consumers to engage with your animal hospital in a seamless mobile experience. Veterinary website design is the key to providing just that. Consumers Prefer Mobile over Desktop According to the Pew Research Center, Americans are turning away from […]

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