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Top Ways to Build a Better Online Presence as a Veterinarian

It is a well-known fact that most people turn to the internet for information before they make decisions about their health and wellness. As a veterinarian, you should know this means that an online presence is crucial in helping your business grow. If you’ve just launched your own veterinary business or are just getting started with your new practice, mastering your online presence will be key to growing your business! In order to do so successfully, there are important steps you can take towards building a better web profile as a veterinarian.

Most Important, Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

When people think of a veterinarian, they usually associate them with animals and pets. As such, it is very important that your website be easy to navigate on the go so you can always stay accessible for potential patients! By making mobile responsive changes to your website design or development process, not only will more people be able to view your content but also ensures your Google ranking opportunities are maximized as Google has taken a mobile-first approach when deciding which websites rank the best in their search results.

Top Considerations to Build a Better Online Presence as a Veterinarian

  • Use mobile responsive changes to your website design or development process so that more people can view it on the go. It also makes things easier for those who are looking at their phone instead of a computer screen. 
  • Hire an expert web designer who understands how these two platforms work together before getting started. This has proven effective time and again. 
  • In order to make sure this happens seamlessly with all of the other steps in this post, contact someone like the Vet Marketing Agency. Hiring someone who knows both sides is key!
  • It’s important to not forget about online marketing strategies when you start building up your new practice’s profile across websites like Yelp and Google My Business. Include reviews from past clients, social media posts, and a blog full of recent news and successes in your veterinary practice.
  • Budget and invest in professional photography to ensure your new website stands out visually. Make sure all images are crisp and clear. Show your team and facilities if possible.  Oh, and be sure to obtain signed photography release forms from anyone shown in the images.
  • Update your content often! You want to be sure you’re providing new information regularly about what inspires you, what excites you as an animal lover/owner, and how happy your patients are with the care they receive from you. This is especially important if there isn’t much competition within your area because customers might not know where else to find these services otherwise.

Google’s Need for Speed

Google ranks websites based on a variety of factors, one of which is how fast your veterinary website loads. If you want to rank well in Google search results and get more traffic from the world’s largest search engine, you need to have a fast-loading website. 

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for images, CSS and JavaScript files. This will make all the assets on your site load faster by distributing them across servers. As more people that are downloading your images from different locations, it reduces the load time of each one because there is less server strain in just one location. At the Vet Marketing Agency, we only use high speed cloud-based hosting servers to ensure your veterinary website loads as fast as possible.

Finally, a well-designed website will use a CSS stylesheet and JavaScript library to help organize the code so that it can be more easily read, understood, and edited in the future. This is what gives your veterinary website its distinctive look while also reducing page loading time by making things easier for browsers to parse. Without this, each of these pages would need different code which would take much longer for browsers to load because they have less information before requesting new pieces of content from the server.In the end, your visitor’s experience on your veterinary website should always be given top priority when designing your site – you want them coming back again (and if possible recommending their friends) rather than having them leave your website from the start.

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