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Should Your Veterinary Website have a Blog?

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Your veterinary practice’s website will not be complete without a blog. But do you know which topics relating to veterinary care you should cover? A blog’s main functions are educational and informative, but it also needs to address queries people type into search engines.

Choosing the proper subject for your veterinary blog can boost your SEO rating, assist more pet parents, and expand the number of patients—if you’re careful about the subjects you pick.

Keep your veterinary website blog topics, and themes focused on what pet owners routinely look up on Google. To see what these topics might be, you’ll need to conduct keyword research as digital marketing analysts do. They focus intently on the search terms pet parents enter into Google and how often those searches occur.

There is more interest in some search terms than others, which is indicated by a higher search volume. However, this does not mean that lower-search-volume terms are not useful. RELEVANCE to pet owners is what counts most.

Here are a few veterinary blog topics to get you thinking:

  • What are the Different Types of Dog Vaccinations?
  • What Are the Benefits and Risks of Getting a Puppy’s HVRI Tested for Immunity?
  • What Should I Look for When Choosing a New Puppy?
  • How Can I Tell if My Oldest Dachshund Has Cancer?
  • Is It Safe to Give My Pet an Acupuncture Treatment If He or She is Not Sick Anymore?
  • Dog Separation Anxiety: How to Keep Your Dog Calm When You Leave.

Your animal hospital’s blog serves not only to educate pet parents but to instill a sense of confidence and comfort that they’ve landed on the right veterinary website, one that is informative and provides useful content.

As a side note, your veterinary blog may also reduce the number of telephone calls your reception desk needs to handle when answers to simple questions can be found on your website blog.

About the VET Marketing Agency (VMA)

The VET Marketing Agency (VMA) is a premier provider of digital marketing and social media engagement services to the veterinary animal hospital industry. We offer veterinarians ways to grow their businesses through strategic consultation and a suite of a-la-carte digital marketing services. 

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We are a family-owned business located in New Jersey, and unlike our competitors, we exclusively support the veterinary industry. The VMA is a certified Google Partner and a member of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA), and also a member of the Independent Veterinary Practitioners Association (IVPA).

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