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Are you a veterinarian working in an animal hospital? First of all, congratulations! You are one of the few people who can spend their time with animals and make good money at it. Many veterinarians become frantic when they learn that the majority of their patients skip out on additional services. If this is happening, you should understand that there is nothing wrong with you or your team. It’s just that most owners just don’t know what they should buy to keep their pets healthy and happy.

To help other veterinarians, we will share the customer’s mindset. Most of them just come for vaccinations or other routine procedures, because it takes less than 30 minutes and doesn’t cost much. However, if you want them to spend more money, you should start by recommending additional services (vaccinations and de-wormers aside). However, make sure that your patients don’t go overboard with their purchases as a result of impulse buying. So instead of saying “buy everything!”, say the following:

“Hi, I’m Dr. ABC and I’ll be looking after your dog today. We recommend Routine Health Screening once a year in case we find something early and effective before it becomes serious, just like with humans. Our vet tech will take care of this for you right away!”

You can then move on to the next customer waiting to avoid overwhelming them. While you can work on one patient at a time make sure you follow through and recommend the services and products that will be more likely to lead to a sale.

It’s important for every vet to understand the mindset of their customers. Do not go overboard with recommendations because this might overwhelm your patients, but focus on selling the services and products that will be most likely to lead to a sale. If you do it properly, you’ll see a significant increase in your income.

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