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Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Veterinary Animal Hospitals

Innovative digital marketing strategies are necessary for any business to grow and stay competitive, especially veterinary animal hospitals. Increasingly, pet owners today seek additional online information about their furry friends’ health and behavior problems through the Internet. You can leverage this popular trend by integrating a few promising digital marketing strategies into your practice’s overall branding strategy.

Here are our Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Veterinary Animal Hospitals.

Your Website

The most obvious digital marketing strategy that you should implement is to create an attractive and comprehensive website. The site should have a professional design and include information on the various services offered by your practice, such as boarding facilities, grooming clinics, pet supplies as well as medical services like doctor checkups and dental care.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, your website should work properly on all devices, and especially be optimized for mobile devices. Your website should also load very quickly and provide all your relevant information.

Social Media Marketing and Engagement

Social media is very popular among pet owners today, especially Facebook and Instagram. By integrating social media into your marketing efforts, you can reach out to a wide number of potential customers by facilitating interactions with them on the platform of their choice. For instance, Facebook offers a variety of options to promote your business through engaging content that will help you build a loyal clientele base.

Using the social platform’s paid advertising services is another way to get more pet owners to visit your veterinary animal hospital after seeing relevant dog and cat care information on their social media news feeds.

Consistent Email Marketing

Email marketing is an old but still effective way to market your veterinary clinic. This strategy will let you communicate with your regular clients and prospects on a timely basis while informing them of the latest developments in your business and upcoming events or promotions.

Recruiting a dedicated team member to handle email marketing tasks can be time-consuming; however, we at the VET Marketing Agency can help develop email marketing content and execute the delivery of your email marketing program.

Obsess over Your Reputation Management

Your reputation is essentially your online brand. If clients and potential customers read negative reviews about your animal hospital on the Internet, they may be dissuaded from making an appointment to visit you. One way to manage your online reputation is by monitoring the comments of your clients and prospects on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Yelp, and many others.

By keeping an eye on these comments, you can respond to your clients’ doubts and questions quickly, politely, and constructively.

Measure Your Online Marketing Success

To ensure that your online marketing efforts are effective, you must first measure how much business they generate. We can help you track sales and leads through Google Analytics as well as by tracking the number of new telephone calls your online marketing generates to your veterinary animal hospital.

About the VET Marketing Agency

The VET Marketing Agency is the premier provider of digital marketing and social media engagement services to the veterinary animal hospital industry. Services include veterinary website design and development, veterinary search engine optimization, veterinary paid advertising programs, social media marketing, and engagement services for animal hospitals, and 24/7 reputation management services for veterinarians.

Headquartered in New Jersey, the VET Marketing Agency offers full-service, cost-effective digital solutions to ensure its veterinary customers remain competitive and, on the marketing cutting edge. The VET Marketing Agency is a certified Google Partner and a member of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA).

To find out more about the VET Marketing Agency, visit or call (800) 609-7657 ext. 700.

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